Black Ember Modular Backpacks V4

From DSLR gear to travel essentials, select your modular cube, pack it with gear, and instantly secure your cubes inside your pack as you hear the satisfying sound of the mag-locks locking your gear in place.

Photographers and drone flyers alike will find our two sizes of DSLR CUBES great for protecting and organizing gear. Travelers will appreciate two sizes of COMPRESSION CUBES for packing and compressing gear. 

Customize your pack uniquely for every adventure and keep MODs prepacked with gear to be instantly attached on the fly. The V4 is sized for international carry-on and the FOLD-OUT LAPTOP SLEEVE allows you to breeze through airport security.

The V4 is offered in two models. The V4 includes an interior tablet & laptop sleeve. The V4M includes an interior mod-panel in which to attach modular cubes.