Magbox 24 Octa Pro Kit

RM2,530.00 MYR RM2,588.00 MYR

Magbox Octa 24" Pro Kit


Magbox 24 Octa Pro Kit

This is the whole shebang for busy photographers. Get the maximum benefit out of your softbox with all three core MagBox system products plus one of each accessory and an awesome case that was custom-designed to keep it all organized.

What's included

  • 1MagBox 24 Octa
  • 1MagBox 24 FocusDiffuser
  • 1MagBox Fabric Diffuser
  • 1MagRing
  • 1MagShoe + 1/4-20 Adapter
  • 1MagBox Small Case
  • 1MagBox Correction Gels

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