X-Drop Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrop Kit (5' x 12') ( Bundle Kit A - Any 2 Color )

RM1,199.00 MYR RM1,320.00 MYR

X-Drop Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrop Kit (5' x 12') ( Bundle Kit )

For X- Drop Bundle Kit , we are offering a set of 2 color - 3 color & all color in a more affordable price only for limited time


  • Travel-friendly 5’ x 12’ backdrop
  • Sweeps along floor for full-length portraits
  • Washable wrinkle-resistant material
  • Includes grommets and pole pocket
  • Easily mount with the X-Drop Backdrop Frame






Budget-Friendly Backdrop Kits

X-Drop Kits include your backdrop of choice, the complete X-Drop Stand, and a durable travel case - and all at an ultra-affordable price.

Truly Wrinkle-Resistant

Say goodbye to high-maintenance backdrops for good. These machine washable backdrops are truly wrinkle-resistant when stretched taut, allowing for a smooth, sweeping and seamless appearance.


This uniquely blended matte-polyester fabric is reflection-resistant for effortless lighting in the studio.

Extremely Convenient Backdrops

Our Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops are constructed with an innovative fabric that provides a multitude of benefits. Whether you are shooting high-end editorials or high school seniors, Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops will withstand whatever shooting situation you encounter.

A Studio in Any Location

Weighing under 3 pounds, the X-Drop Backdrop Stand is the lightest available on the market. It features a telescopic frame with a limited footprint, allowing for placement in even the smallest studios and locations.

Instant Setup

The X-Drop’s telescopic frame expands to 5' x 7' and locks into place. Backdrops attach to the X-Drop’s hooks via built-in grommets. And you’re finished! Complete backdrop setup in just seconds.


Machine washable in cold water, delicate cycle, tumble dry low.
PACKAGED LENGTH : 2.9 ft. / 0.9 m
PACKAGED WIDTH : 0.5 ft. / 0.2 m
PACKAGED HEIGHT : 0.4 ft. / 0.1 m
SIZE OPTIONS : 5' x 12'
COLOR OPTIONS : White | Grey | Black | Green


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