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Aevo Mouse Pad - Fully Handmade with Premium Italian Leather 越滑越舒服

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Original price RM198.00 MYR
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Color: Deep Sea Blue

Aevo Mouse Pad :-


After understanding bout leather more n more , i realize sometimes in our life that there is too little thing that will grow along with us , most of the gadget that we had usually will not last long

so i wanted to bring in products like this that they will not be damage after 3 - 4 years but they grow along with us , due to everyone of us have our own habit

for example some of us we prefer to slide our mouse from bottom left to bottom right for our editing , some prefer the other way round , some of us would prefer lift our hand up when using the mouse , some would rest the hand on the mouse pad , so after years of using it , the mouse pad will turn out to be different, something unique for everyone of us. 

so i m selling u a mouse pad that grow along with u , that it will change it appearance from time to time. Aevo Mouse Pad