Aevo Strap - Simplicity ( Dark Brown / Brown / Black )

RM599.00 MYR RM628.00 MYR

Aevo Strap :-

Aevoshop concept is about bringing you the equipment or accessories that will help you greatly during your job as a photographer or leisure time as a hobby. Things that you will be having a hard time to find in local market and the hassle of getting it online without knowing what is it or to test it here before purchasing.

And therefore , we bring in Hold Fast Gear Strap then follow by RL Handcrafts premium grade strap , however we realize there is still a space for us to fill in with a budget leather strap and after failing it for several time , we give your the local version of budget Leather Strap - the Aevo Strap 

Aevo strap with minimalist design , simple and plain , but we have select the best leather we can find in our local market , it may not perform as good as the Hold Fast Gear / RL Handcrafts, but we assure you that this is going to ease your pain as well for holding 2 camera system with average weight around 2.8KG each side.

The leather is going to be stiff during the first few times using it , but after some time using it , then it will start soften down and that is when you started to feel comfortable.

We even custom made our own 1/4 Screw ( each screw worth Rm 40 ) to withstand the weight of up to 4kg , superb durable quality

1/4 screw



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