Black Ember V4 Modular Rain Fly

RM164.00 MYR



✓ Ultra light RAINFLY features silicone-coated nylon for impeccable watershed.
✓ An elastic cord and cord lock wraps the rainfly tight to your V4 pack. 
✓ The rainfly folds up into its pouch so you can always be prepared.
✓ A small buckle strap can be used to attach the rainfly on the outside of the V4 pack.


Presenter under Black Ember V4 Modular Adventure Travel Series.


What is Black Ember
⇢ Highly functional backpacks.
⇢ Sleek & weatherproof, urban packs designed to house and protect your critical gear. 
⇢ Designed and crafted in obsessive functional and aesthetic detail. 
⇢ Modular base. 
⇢ Each pack can scale from minimal to maximal effortlessly.
⇢ Protect your precious cargo, and stand up to all the abuse along the way.


Dear customers, despite of Black ember V4 series, BLACK EMBER GEN 02 & 03 SERIES are available in Aevoshop.



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