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HoldFast Gear - Water Buffalo ( Burgundy ) - Solo

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RM980.00 MYR

The MoneyMaker Solo sling strap is a single camera, cross body version of the legendary MoneyMaker.

Same leathers and hardware, remixed into the perfect blend of high form and function for the single camera user.

The shoulder pad is designed to handle the load of heavier cameras with ease and comfort.

The included stabilizer strap keeps that shoulder pad in place.

A front d ring attachment point for use with our pouch or other gear like sun glasses.

And here's what really sets this strap apart, the included Belt anchor

Attach this little gem to any belt, or one of ours for a perfect match, and now your camera stays put where you want it (no swinging forward or flopping around) until you're ready to shoot.

A quick tug will release the camera when you're ready to shoot, and when you're done, you can quickly and easily attach it back to the belt using only one hand.

Be completely hands free with full mobility on your adventures with your camera, until you see the image, then break free and get the shot!

High comfort and high performance, the MoneyMaker Solo is the perfect companion for single camera shooters.


SIZE - what to consider when purchasing ?

Fit is based on HEIGHT & BROADNESS.

The ideal carrying position of the MoneyMaker is for the strap to fall about 4" below the armpit so the cameras stay high on the body.

SMALL =  ( < 170 cm) and below (if you are broad/built then size up)

MEDIUM = (170 - 188 cm) (if you are slender then size down, broad or built size up)