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Holdfast Gear - Camera Swagg Camera Leash (Colour: Coffee)

RM209.00 MYR


✓ Ultra-Light version of our leather Camera Leash.

✓ Made with high grade nylon. 

✓ Simple, tough, and incredibly useful.

✓ Link 2 Camera to the Camera Swagg.

✓ All in ONE SIZE.

✓ Use it to steady your gear as you traverse rough terrain.

✓ Secure your keys to a belt-loop.

✓ Strap a water bottle to your backpack.

✓ Included safety strap
- connects to the side lug mount-completely
- bypassing the clip and screw for ultimate security
- impeccably versatile design. 

✓ The Camera Leash is the perfect multi-tool for the on-the-go photographer. 


For your information: This is our Hold Fast - Camera Swagg
The relevant products can be viewed regarding the link 

You'll need to purchase a Camera Hold Fast, if you want to attach the Camera Leash to the tripod mount, otherwise it ships with a high strength split ring for side lug mount.


Secure your cameras and important gear where it’s most accessible and comfortable—right on you.