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##Pre-Order Only## Sightseer Lens Pouch ( Olive ) ( Medium )

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Sightseer lens pouch 

The Sightseer line of bags, straps and pouches are designed to help keep your camera and accessories within reach. 

Crafted out of Waxed Canvas, American Bison leather and lined in Aztec flannel fleece, HoldFast has just introduced an incredibly handsome way to carry your gear. With your cameras at the ready, lenses and gear are within reach without ever removing the bag.

The Sightseer lens pouches can attach directly to the MoneyMaker via the D rings or the strap of the MoneyMaker. Simply unbuckle the MoneyMaker, then slide on the pouch using the top loop on the pouch then re-buckle the MoneyMaker. These pouches can be worn on a normal shoulder and also your belt.