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SIGHTSEER LENS POUCH ( Olive ) ( Medium )

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SIGHTSEER LENS POUCH ( Olive ) ( Medium )

With this new design as the flap closes, the magnet will suck in the flap and then it's locked in place. A tug downward on the flap will release the magnet for opening. There's three magnet notches so you can adjust the height of the flap to accommodate shorter or longer lenses. With the Quick Detach slider hardware it's now extremely easy and fast to attach or remove this pouch on the fly, without ever needing to remove your MoneyMaker. With the added belt strap, the 2 straps now anchor the pouch much more securely on the Sightseer Lens Bag and Backpack.

Crafted out of Waxed Canvas, American Bison leather and lined in Aztec flannel fleece, HoldFast has just introduced an incredibly handsome way to carry your gear. With your cameras at the ready, lenses and gear are within reach without ever removing the bag, all in a stylishly comfortable way.

Not only that, it was designed around a format of expansion. Start light and streamlined with these Sightseer Lens Pouches and then build as your gear requires via more lens pouches and the Sightseer Lens Bag (each sold separately). The Lens Pouches come in different sizes to suit your carry needs and can be attached directly to the Sightseer Lens Bag OR worn on the MoneyMaker OR attached to any belt you own.