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Sundisc - keep the "soft light" in your bag

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Aevo's concept is always about bringing in the most innovative and premium goods /equipment for our local photography industries, we have never stop looking and searching for more over the years, after Magmod , Hold Fast Gear , now , we bring you Sundisc, being a photographer myself , i have always have problem with softbox and i never like bringing bulky softbox for outdoor shooting , therefore, Magmod is the first that we bring in and Sundisc is the 2nd that i think it would convenient our fellow photographer.

what is so great about Sundisc ? 

  • compact - fits in an ultra-compact kit, the Sundisc will go with you wherever your photographic journey takes you.
  • great lighting -  the sun disc is 60cm wide which make it a good in delivering great lighting. with it being so light weight and compact , you are able to handheld or set it on a tripod without a sweat
  • dual temperature lighting - you can create warm or cold lighting with just a simple adjustment
  • deliver professional looking product and food photography for the blogger or e-bay seller, without breaking the bank.