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Westcott Omega Reflector 360 (40")

RM685.00 MYR

omega reflector

The 15-in-1 Photo Reflector

The Omega Reflector 360 combines the effects of a traditional reflector with the luxury of a ring flash effect, offering the ultimate in portrait lighting. This reflector instantly produces a main light and backlight with just a single light source (like the sun or a speedlite). It is a must-have tool for both natural light and flash photographers.

omega reflector

Simulates a Ring Light

This unique design creates incredible catch lights that make eyes pop. Unlike the original Omega Reflector, the Omega Reflector 360 has a round frame to perfectly simulate the effects of a ring light. The Omega Reflector 360's removable panels each feature their own round frame which allows them to be used separately or in tandem with the Omega.



Omega Reflector 360 (40") 

  • New innovative 15-in-1 reflector
  • Creates a ring light effect
  • For use as a traditional reflector or shoot-through
  • Designed for natural light and strobist photographers
  • Removable 13" center reflector discs
  • White, silver, sunlight, black, and 1-stop diffusion fabrics
  • Superior fabrics and framework
  • Collapses down to 1/3 open size
  • Includes deluxe carry case
  • Lifetime frame warranty